Friday Five: Restart

Yesterday was a catch-up day. My to-do list had gotten pretty long while we were out of commission, so I plugged myself in at my desk and slogged through, checking things off and moving on. Felt good. I have dipped a toe back into my writing & reading, too. Just a bit. And today felt […]

How Has Your Reading Changed…or Not?

Thirty years ago (yes, really!), I was reading 700-page novels. In high school, I fell in love with Russian novels (yes, again, really!), and then in college discovered the British Victorian writers and fell, if possible, even more deeply in love (yes, oh, whatever…). It was an extension of what I’d felt when I found […]

Friday Five: Less Known Christie Detectives

This was a busy week. Lots of running around, lots of company, and lots of fun. All good, but one sign that I was feeling just a bit of overload…I retreated to my Agatha Christie shelf. Comfort reading, remembering who’s guilt on page one, then tracking the puzzle Christie created to see how beautifully she […]