Book Riot’s 2020 Read Harder Challenge

Yes, I’m posting a lot lately. No, it probably won’t continue, since I head back to the day-job tomorrow, will be doing Storystorm all month, and will be digging into two or three new picture books. Not to mention getting my yarn stash down to a non-intimidating size.

But…maybe I’ll be posting about challenge books. I’ve wanted to do Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge for a few years now, but never got around to it. For the 2020 Challenge, though, I am intrigued by the list of categories. Plus, they’ve got a spreadsheet! (It’s called a reading log, but one of the tabs is specifically for the challenge.)

In my post-New Year’s Eve, Avoiding-the -Real-World-That-Starts-Up-Again-Tomorrow mood, I’ve set up a Read-Harder-Challenge list in Goodreads and am puttering through Book Riot’s blog posts of suggestions for each challenge. I can tell you right now which category will be my biggest challenge:

  • Read a horror book published by an indie press.

I don’t do horror. Maybe I can find a picture book that qualifies…Ooh! Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell have a sequel out to Zombies in Love!

Okay, probably not. I really don’t want to leave the horror for last (it’s all about ripping off the band-aid, folks), so if you know of any milder-than-mild horror books that are indie-published, this is me begging you to drop the title in a comment.

All the other categories look cool, fun, and things that I would want to explore even without a challenge. I do think I’ll post about some of the books–most likely the ones I fall in love with or that I can feel stretching my brain and/or heart. The others will show up in my Goodreads sidebar list. And if you take a look at the list, feel free to drop suggestions for any of the categories into a comment.

2020 Reading, here we come.

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