Book Moods (with Examples)

I don’t think I’ve ever been what I would call an “adventurous” reader: someone who reads widely in genre, age, length, era–mixing it up with every new book they choose. I tend to go in waves–a pile of MG books, a stack of fantasy, a single author for as many weeks as they have books for me. When I go to the library or a bookstore, I’m looking for more of the same, and I can be disappointed and frustrated when I can’t find the book that will keep my current wave going.

This happened yesterday. I’ve been reading a ton of YA fantasy, and I wanted more. I went to the bookstore and pulled book after book off the YA shelves, reading a page or two in each, putting them back. Nothing caught me; nothing looked as good. I ended up getting two books off the grown-up shelves that have some potential: Erika Johansen’s Queen of the Tearling and Genevieve Cogman’s The Invisible Library.

Then I came home and, of course, started in on the ebook sample of a history book, zero fantasy involved–The Romanov Sisters  by Helen Rappaport. Because book moods are, if anything, random and unpredictable.

Still, I think they come in various types–here are some I’m very familiar with:

Any moods (and examples) I’ve missed? Feel free to drop them in a comment.

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