Relationships with Agents: Some Links to Good Information

Recently, there was news about a former literary agent and the ways in which they essentially lied to the clients they were supposed to be representing. I’m not going into details or names here; this is just context for a couple of links I want to share.

The first is a link to a recent episode of Literaticast, the podcast of Jennnifer Laughran, a Senior Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. In this episode, Jennifer talks with Kelly Sonnack, another ABLit Senior Agent about their thoughts on what a client should be able to expect from an agent (with a little bit about what agents might expect from their authors). It’s a great discussion (like all of the episodes) and a good listen for anyone wondering about how the agent-creator relationship works.

This thread talks about what creators should expect from their agent.

And this one talks about things creators should watch out for.


After the episode aired, Kelly posted a couple of follow-up tweets.

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