MG Lunch Break…Come See What (and How) We’re Reading

blog post or few ago, I said I had various reasons for starting up my blog again. And one of them is very cool–I got invited to join a great team at another blog, the MG Lunch Break writers and readers.

In their non-virtual  lives, these writers meet in the real world, to have lunch and to talk about the middle-grade books they’re reading…from the point of view of the writing craft.

Because of the day job (there’s that work/life balance thing I mentioned a while back), I can’t join them for the actual lunches…


But the blog definitely felt like a way into my feelings about needing to work on my craft, finding a way to move my current WIP and my writing to the next level. What’s one of the best way to learn about writing–read books in your genre and actively examine how the authors do what they do. And share thoughts and ideas with other people doing the same thing.

So this was an invite I was not going to pass up. I’m in. I am pretty sure I know what my first book will be, but no reveal here yet. Check out the blog, though, and the great posts the other contributors have put up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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