Talk to Me about Bernie Sanders

I hope I’m not taking too big a risk with this post. I’m going to put a few things out on the politics plate, and I’m going to ask for some information and opinions. I have faith that most of you who read my blog will keep it all respectful and polite and that we can share thoughts with honesty and care.

Just as an FYI, I will delete any comments that don’t fit with that goal. Also, while I can’t imagine this actually happening, I will delete any blatant campaigning/political-only comments for or against any candidate.

So here we go.

I had a voting plan for the next presidential election. I looked at the expected field, and I thought, okay…it’s time to vote for Hilary Clinton. She is not my favorite prospect and never has been, but I do have some basic respect for her goals, and–while I try to stay open to candidates from both parties–she was the only person coming along from either Democrats or Republicans that I thought would represent any of my priorities and beliefs. So I thought, okay, cross your fingers that she’ll surprise your expectations, and give her your vote.

And then Bernie Sanders declared.

As far as I can tell, I like Bernie Sanders a lot. I am pretty sure that he is much more aligned with my ideals than is Hilary Clinton, and I think he will always fight more strongly for the things I believe in than she will. And, even if–as the first discussions were saying–he can’t win, I appreciate his stepping into the race. I agree with him that the overall conversation needs to lean Left, and I think that it will benefit Hilary Clinton (if she stays the defacto Democratic nominee) to have someone to debate with, to get some energy going in her campaign, to have some momentum going when she takes on the Republicans. Plus, I really respect that Sanders is running through the Democratic party, rather than as an independent. Not because I am a huge two-party fan, but because I think–the way things are–he’s right not to take Ralph Nader’s path.

In an ideal world, I am pretty sure Bernie Sanders would have my vote.

But…that’s not the world we live in. We live in a world where the word Socialist still scares people. We live in a world where people think about it’s being someone’s “turn” for a presidential run. And we definitely live in a world where politics runs on a few things other than idealism–on the bad side: corruption, bribery, egos; on the not-so-bad side: negotiations, partnerships, experience, and practicality.

So, those of you who know Bernie Sanders better than I do—those who enjoy following politics and understanding who is doing what, those who live in or near Vermont and have been listening to and watching Sanders more closely, those who understand more about him than the memes and quotes and videos that pop up all over the internet, can you give me your reasons why I should (or, okay, shouldn’t) vote for him? I have some particular questions–feel free to answer those if you can, but also feel free to go off on a tangent and just share your beliefs about him with me. Again, given that we’re all staying respectful, I really want to hear.

  • Do you think Bernie Sanders has a chance of actually winning the Democratic nomination? Why/Why not? (I feel that I may need to choose based on who can get this nomination, because they may need the power of momentum to take on the Republican nominee.)
  • Do you think Bernie Sanders has a chance of actually winning the presidency. Why/Why not? (Similar to above, I am pretty darned scared by the Republican slate, and I feel a strong pull to put my vote behind the candidate who can beat their nominee.)
  • Does Bernie Sanders have practical, real plans to execute some/most of the ideals he’s espousing. Have you seen him execute these plans while representing Vermont in the House and/or Senate? What? When? How?

And, of course, anything else you feel is important for me to know.

Thank you in advance for sharing!


  1. Jenn Hubbard says:

    I’ll email or message you.


  2. Mike Ford says:

    He’s not pretty enough to win.


    • beckylevine says:

      Oh, Mike, I think that’s pretty subjective! 🙂


      • Mike Ford says:

        Nothing subjective about hairline.

        To get nominated, and then elected, and full head of hair is required. Last President elected with a receding hairline was Nixon. However, even he had pretty thick hair and he beat out a bald Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern. Ford’s hair was much thinner, and he lost. Then Reagan’s mane ruled. GHW Bush did beat a guy with thicker hair in Dukakis, but that’s because Dukakis stupidly covered his hair with a helmet once and lost the hair advantage.

        But GHW’s thinning hair lost out to Clinton. Clinton completely understood the Presidential power of hair–witness his $200 haircut on the tarmac of LAX.

        Nope, to win in the US of A today, you need gameshow-host hair.


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