Friday Five: Things I Learned During Today’s Revision Session

I’ve been BIC since about 10:00 this morning, working on the latest PB revision. I had thought I was on the last “section” of revision, but then I realized that my MC’s actions were still pretty weak. Also, in places, nonexistent. In my own defense, I will note that I didn’t even know this character was the protagonist until a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I’ve spent the last few hours trying to think of three actions that would demonstrate his character, highlight the theme, add tension, and move the story forward.

I’m not there yet.

It’s been an interesting process, though. I’ve discovered a few things.

  1. I like verbs. Sure, objectively, I knew this. Still, it was interesting to watch my mood actually rise, and rise quickly, as I started dropping random verbs (actions my MC might possibly take) into a list.
  2. There’s a little metaphorical “Ding” in your brain when you hit on a possibly “right” word. Something chimes or, at the very least, goes clunk. It’s a good feeling.
  3. If I decided that my  goal was to set a bad example for children in my picture books, I could totally reach that goal. Sentences I said to myself today:  “No, you can’t make him scratch a mosquito bite.” “He is certainly not allowed to roll a cigarette.””Stop even thinkingabout letting him pick at a scab.”
  4. There are days when I don’t accept the pejorative “wasting time on Facebook.”
  5. It is impossible to type, write, or think when Pandora plays Katrina and the Waves’ cover of Wipe Out.

All in all, a good day. I think I’ll keep it.


  1. Oh yes, keep at it for sure! Lists are good and “pings” are wonderful. Had one myself today when I did some re-thinking about a character. Go to it, Becky!


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