Friday Five: Fan-TAS-tic!

  • Yes, I’ve become a Doctor Who convert. I ADORED Christopher Eccleston. For those of you who assured me I’d also like David Tennant, okay, yes, he’s good, he’s cute, he’s sweet, but he’s not Christopher Eccleston. And to those of you who told me I’d love Rose, you’re absolutely right. What a fun actress! We’re hooked, although still seasons away from all the excitement about the 12th doctor. This feels a little bit like when I read Charlotte Bronte’s Villette, which–if I remember correctly–had dual points of view, and as I ended each traumatic, exhausting chapter, I had to grieve about leaving that character on the next page. Except, here, Christopher Eccleston won’t come back. Sigh.
  • I’m sitting here, writing this post, listening to my son compose a bass solo (homework!) to Lullaby of Birdland. Like so much of what he does with music these days, I have no idea what he’s doing or how, but I know it sounds pretty darned cool. And it is more than cool to watch this world of his grow.
  • It has been a busy, busy work week, but there have been and will be a few hours of picture-book revising. I was told by my critique groups that one of the PBs I’m working on is “almost there.” Yes, I know that can still mean plenty of revisions still to do, but close feels so much better than miles and miles away. I’m shooting for getting this back to them for our next meeting. LOVE critique deadlines.
  • I’m amping up my meditation schedule. I’ve moved from searching for just the right mp3 of guided meditation on random days, to really trying to sit for 10 minutes of silent meditation every day. Sometimes I have a plan of what the meditation will focus on; sometimes, I just try to quiet that noisy mind I so often wake up with. I’m trying to think of my days as full, rather than busy, and sometimes I just sort of meditate all the to-do list items out of a tangle into a calmer, more linear sequence. Me and Bonnie Franklin.

  • One week till school starts. Have I mentioned lately that my son WILL BE A SENIOR!!! He is so very different from the little boy he was not that many years ago and, at the same time, I can watch him now and see the roots of his personality all those years ago. But he has taken those roots and watered them as he wanted and pretty much pruned and directed and grown himself into the plant he WANTS to be. Oh, for pete’s sake, a GARDENING metaphor? From me? Motherhood turns you into a mushbrain. It’s going to be an insane year (hence, perhaps, the increased need for meditation), but an incredible one. If I could make sure that every eyelash and falling-star wish went toward him landing in The Place, for this next stage of his life, that makes him happy and healthy and still-growing, I would. But, really, all I can do is make sure he gets those applications in, get him to his auditions, and then, pretty much, hold my breath.


  1. What a WONDERFUL Friday post! Thank you. I so loved reading about the way your son has developed — he sounds like a stellar young man. And THANK YOU (yes, upper case was necessary) for the “full” rather than “busy”. That sits well with me. Yay for the PB being almost there! Keep on chugging, Little Engine!

    I had forgotten about Villette, although I know I read it. I’m writing a novel now that moves between characters, but not as intensely as that. (And I’ve *gasp* never seen Doctor Who, so can’t comment on that Doctor-changing experience. I didn’t like it when there was a new John-Boy Walton. Does that count?)


    • beckylevine says:

      Okay, so first I tell you that I saw Richard Thomas LIVE in a candy store when I was living in Southern California. *pauses for jealous squeee*. Then I tell you, I don’t even REMEMBER a new John Boy? Was he only there for one season or something?

      I was so not a Doctor Who person, because, I think I’d only had glimpses of the old series, which seems very rambly and off-track and, well, old. (I still may go back and watch the Peter Davison episodes when we’re all caught up with the new ones, though!) The new series is very fast and very clever and funny, and the actress who plays Rose is wonderful.

      The “full” thing came to me this morning. It’s new and only in-concept so far, but it seems like a good way to change my perspective and pace. 🙂


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