Some Random Thoughts in May

It’s not Friday, so I’m not doing five, and it’s not Saturday, so I’m not doing six. Is Sunday seven? Even when it’s the Sunday of a three-day weekend, and Monday won’t really be Monday?

I could go on.

But, instead, just some thoughts in May.

  • When you are feeling tired and rambly, your writing may very well turn out to be tired and rambly. Which is okay, because, hey, it’s still writing and the word “writing” is just code for “pre-revision.”
  • I cannot complaint that I have been a little chilly this weekend, because–and may I say, GEEZ!–people in Vermont and other northern sites in the U.S. had SNOW this week. I’ll just put on socks and deal.
  • Eucalyptus are still my favorite trees, a fact I was reminded of by a recent trip to Golden Gate Park. Yes, I have Eucalyptus trees less than 100 feet outside my office window at home, and, yes, I love them. But you do stop looking. Temporary relocation is a good thing.
  • One of the biggest reasons summer vacation is so awesome is, because May can be, let’s just say: Quite. The. Challenge. Every year, I forget (blessed wimpy memory) how schools seem to have a great, demanding need to pile on and pile on and pile on. Next year, I swear, I am scheduling NOTHING in May. Nothing. Except perhaps the purchase of a new freezer, to be dedicated solely to the storage and supply of ice cream.
  • If I’m really, really careful and use props, I can do the Pigeon pose in yoga again. Which I couldn’t for a while, after hurting my hip. Pigeon is good. Props are good.
  • Piles on the shelves behind you are much less worrisome and intrusive than piles on your desk.
  • Mindfulness. A path I’m really glad that I’m finally stepping on to. Yes, okay, sure, sometimes also a path that I wish were one of those motorized person-sized belts, like at the airport, that carry you wherever you want to go without any effort on your part. With, you know, a High-Speed setting. But, overall, just glad.
  • I do believe, even with the weird weather, that Spring is definitely here and Summer is on its way. And that feels good.


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