Friday Five: Because I’m Busy

Okay, I know I said I’d try to avoid totally relying on the Friday Five meme for my at-least-once-a-week post, but…deadline looming next week, and I can see it’s an FF or nothing today! Plus, it’s been the kind of week with lots of seemingly random and disconnected things and thoughts, without any overall theme. So for today, you get…

1. I love the concept of Staycations. I forgot who I first heard the term from, but it delighted me then, and it is delighting me today. Next week is Son’s winter break, and the thought of juggling work and his transportation felt like a lot. Plus, I have a writing deadline at the end of next week that is going to be totally doable without my work-work getting in the way and that was feeling not doable if I didn’t shift things around. Still working on balancing all the things that make me happy in life. (Anyone have a clue as to when we get past the working and to the actual balance?!) So I am officially OFF work from today on, and I am officially ON revision. Which was a little nervous-making when I thought about it, not being able to remember the last uninterrupted chunk of writing/revision days, but as of today is feeling just…right. Focus is in, things are pulling together, choices are making themselves clear, and the writing changes are happening.

2. When one of your favorite authors emails you a quick note that she’s sending you a “something,” you basically nod, say thank-you-ahead-of-time, then kind of carry around the glow of anticipation. The total exception to my rule of not usually being crazy about surprises.

3. There are so many differences when your teenager gets sick (a mild, early-caught bout of bronchitis), as opposed to when he was a little tot. He can stay home alone, if need be, with a handy cellphone and the more-than-willing-to-cuddle cat. In fact, he’s probably darned glad to be left alone for a while. He can actually tell you how he’s feeling. He can get that it takes a while to feel better. Still, though, there’s still a few jobs for Mom, like spreading the PB&J, cutting the sandwich in half, and pouring the big glass of cold milk. Ages and stages, people, with little threads of continuity.

4. We’ve had warmth the last few days. I know Mother Nature probably has some surprises left for us, even out here in California, and I know, too, that we haven’t received anywhere near the amount of rain we actually need. But I have truly enjoyed the pleasure of walking in the sunshine, sitting in a car that isn’t ice-cold, and walking barefoot through the house for even a few minutes.

5. I wrote a scene on the new MG and sent it off to my critique group. A scene? A few short pages. A couple of moments in time. A blip. But one that made me smile and feel connected to the story that is waiting out there for when this other deadline is past. No clue if I got onto the page any of the things I’m in love with about this idea, but you know what? I. Do. Not. Care.

Happy Friday, all, and Happy Weekend!

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