30 Days of Gratitude: The Women of IT’S PERSONAL!

Over on Facebook, I’ve been doing the 30 Days of Gratitude meme (I think it’s a meme!) all through November. It’s been fun and interesting–yes, all those things we do take for granted, and we’re taking a minute each day to “speak” them out loud and share them widely, at least throughout our Facebook worlds.

For those of you who stop by my blog regularly, you know that this summer, I want back to work part-time, writing grants and doing other development work for our local art & history museums–officially The Museums of Los Gatos. I like the work, I love the people, and my desk is in the corner of the old fire-building that has housed the art museum since 1965. So every morning, as I get in early and unlock the doors, I get to turn on the lights and walk through…art. Lucky? Well, yeah.

The last few weeks, we’ve had an amazing exhibit on display: It’s Personal: Tales Visualized by Asian American Women. Honestly, you cannot believe the painting, sculpture, 3-D collage, video stories, and other installations created by these women–some specifically for this exhibit. The diversity of subject, the range of media, the incredible places their different imaginations took them. Beautiful, funny, meditative, thought-provoking. I know, I know, I’m blogging after the exhibit is gone…what was I thinking? But I did tell you about it on Facebook!

I’m thanking these women today on Facebook, for Day 28 of the meme. But I can only put up one link there, and that just didn’t seem like enough. I want to link you to each of the artists, to get you to their online presences, to show you their work. Hence the blog post. And you can see some of the specific pieces we had on display over at The Museums of Los Gatos Facebook page.

Today, I would like to thank these women for sharing their art with our museums and, yes, with me–every morning as I come into the art museum, every day as I walk through the galleries on my way to talk to someone, to get out chairs for a meeting, to get my lunch out of the kitchen. You have beautified my days and stimulated my own imagination and creativity.

Thank you:

And thank you to Linda Inson Choy for being our guest-curator for It’s Personal and to Emily Welch, our Exhibitions Manager, for–as always–bringing it all together!

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