Where I’ve Been

Here, really.

Well, not here-on-the-blog here. You may have noticed that! But here, as in my usual area on the planet. Which just occupies a bit more physical space these days and a little less virtual space than before.

I knew things were going to shift when I took my job. Basically, it’s all shifting in a good way–the work is busy and interesting and challenging and being done in the midst of great people. I’m making slow, but steadier progress on my writing. I’m sticking with yoga and even adding back a little more other exercise than I’d been doing. And the sanity-management is going fairly well, I’d say.

Still reading plenty, of course!

But, yeah, the blog has suffered.

I’m not letting it get to me. I love all my blogging friends who show up every few weeks just as much as those who post multiple times a week. I check in plenty, even if I’m commenting less (another less-free-time hit for me). Also, I started blogging Way Back When I realized that my comments on other blogs were getting long enough to be considered…posts. I started for me, because I do love thrashing out ideas about writing and reactions to books I’ve read and, oh, yeah, just ho-humming about life stuff. And I do still enjoy putting up posts.

It’s just not, obviously, going to happen as often.

I am fairly sure that–at some point in the future–my posting will pick up the pace again. Something will come into my life, or I’ll see a sparkle that needs to be followed down a path–and all of a sudden, the ideas will be popping, the need to share and question and clarify will bubble up, and the posts will fly. Knowing this (as I never did when I was young) is one of the things that is making life so interesting these days. And it’s one of those things that keeps me from panicking at the lulls in any one specific activities or from pushing myself to get everything done. At once. Immediately.

Life changes. And then it changes again.  I’m not usually one for sports metaphors, but–better to ride the wave than get bonked in the head with your surfboard, right?


  1. I’ll definitely be around to read whenever you post whether frequently or sporadically — you are wise to pull back rather than getting bonked in the head with the surfboard.


  2. joycemoyerhostetter says:

    You’re kind of a wonder woman really. So it’s really okay if you miss a few days of blogging.


  3. Yes, I’d definitely award you a wonder-woman cape! And I’d say you have your priorities in very good order. A new job AND writing… and you’re keeping up with yoga, too?! I’m impressed. 🙂


  4. I agree with what everyone said re your wisdom and powers. And we will allow you a sports metaphor every once in a while!


  5. Life happens. You can’t do everything. I’m glad you found a wonderful job that is filling your time. I do miss your blog posts though.


  6. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Don’t worry about it. We’ll still be around.


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