Friday Five: Randomocity

1. I ❤ my critique group. They tell me when they love my writing, they tell me what my picture book is actually about (and they’re right!), and they hand me ideas for MORE picture books. Plus, they SO, SO keep me motivated.

2. I got to B&N early today for my critique group meeting, so I brought my Kindle to read. I think I heard the Nooks hissing at us as we walked by. Maybe the printed books, too. Logically, in terms of pure love-of-reading, I know it’s all one world. Emotionally, my stomach felt a little queasy.

3. This is the first summer in a long time when, by the end, I’m not saying, O.M.G., School has to start NOW! Probably because the new job has me out of the house 3 days/week. Possibly because there are only two more years of high school in our future. Eep.

4. Every now and then, as August winds down, I feel myself looking forward to some gray skies and gusty winds. You can all remind me of this when I start whining about the rain and cold.

5. I got the page proofs of my Hounds book for Capstone this week. It really is an amazing feeling to see your words put into a nice font and flowed into a layout complete with photos. I guess the question of the day is: If they decided to send me my author samples on Kindle, would those make me as happy as print copies? Oy. The loop goes ever and ever on, doesn’t it?

Happy Friday, all!

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