Thankful Thursday: Hours and Hours

It’s been a nice week. Son’s camp–at which he’s had a wonderful time (yay!)–runs from 8:30-4:00, and it’s a ways away, and I pulled a little less carpool duty thanks to a wonderful husband and some other very nice parents. Which has pretty much meant…

Time. Slow time.

I actually did use it. Last weekend, I sent a new picture book off to my group for critique, and this week I drafted another one and started brainstorming a second one. Both obviously need work (okay, probably all THREE need work)–the complete draft that poured out of me on Monday is more of a moment than an actual story, but I think there may be a story hope at least in it. The second one, still in thinking stage, has a hero I like, some great ways to (possibly) weave true science into fiction, and an antagonist that needs…oh, you know, at least a personality.

I got work done that needed to be done. I kicked a couple of life tasks off the to-do list. I did yoga. I read.

Next week, camp’s over, relatives come, I do some travel–for which I’m thinking I’ll actually leave the laptop at home. The pattern’s going to change again, as it always does. And next week will be good, too.

But for the leisure and the relaxation of this past week, I am definitely thankful.


  1. going away without your laptop? good for you. Not sure I can leave home without mine. But then on the other hand, I’ve cleared my mental desk off with some non_WIP writing tasks so while on vacation I can have fun and just write. Always a balance of write and life, isn’t it?


    • beckylevine says:

      Well, it’s not like there won’t be computers around! And I have my blackberry. But it’s one of those trips that feels like I should be spending time with the people I am going to see, you know? Now, watch, they’ll all have THEIR computers and I’ll be standing on my head to get their attention. 🙂


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