Friday Five: Relaxing in Busy-ness

My son’s sophomore year has been a pretty calm one, but as it winds down, I’m remembering how much happens in High School, with approximately 98.88734387% being fit into the last two weeks. The week’s been a bit busy, to say the least, probably in part because there were only four days to it. Still, I tried to remember about slowing down and taking time to enjoy what was going on at the moment. So, from me to you, tips for keeping it calm and happy.

  1. Read a good book. Duh. But you knew I was going to list that. For me, in weeks like this, it’s pretty much comfort reads, so I’ve been back to the bookshelves for the kids’ books I grew up with. Of course, I missed the Bookmobile on its last trip through the mountains, so next week I’ll be revving up to new reads again.
  2. Sit with your family and friends. Even if it’s only for a few minutes. Spend that little time together, check in on the phone or for a walk, touch base.
  3. Get sushi. It always helps. Add a little more wasabi to the soy sauce just to clear out those sinuses and shake yourself up a bit.
  4.  Another obvious one. Try and make some time for the writing, or whatever it is that feeds your brain. Yes, you’ll be a little frustrated at how little you might get to, but you won’t feel like you totally lost contact with your WIP. The longer we stay away, the longer it is to get back, I think.
  5. When you’re at a point where the to-do list is out of reach, say…oh, a Thursday night jazz concert in the park, LET-IT-GO. This is always a tough one for me, but I’m working on it. Last night, I sat and listened to the middle school jazz kids, my son’s HS jazz band, and a local Big Band (smaller than both of the others!!). We were outside, the weather was beautiful, and I was separated from all the things I needed to get done. I tapped my feet, snapped my fingers, and–on some of the slower songs–stretched out my legs, leaned back, closed my eyes, and just let the music flow over me. Awesome.

Basically, take a moment…


  1. In full agreement with all your good advice, Becky! (And boy, do I miss good sushi over here…)


    • beckylevine says:

      I bet, re the sushi. Of course, I miss fish and chips, really good tea in a little metal pot, fried breakfast…My husband misses haggis, but let’s not go there!


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