Today’s a day to toot horns.

I’ll start with my Friday Five, and you guys join in with the cool stuff you got done this week, no matter how small!

1. I got through the Plot section of Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. That was a BIG horn toot. The best part is that it happened because I’ve been moving along more quickly and staying more focused as I work. So even though I don’t know that I’ve been getting more actual hours in on the WIP, I seem to be using the available ones more productively.

2. I bought Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. Which is another sign of my commitment to figuring out at least SOME plot for this WIP.

3. I bought a new monitor. I’d tossed the old (okay, antique. Ancient, even) CRT monitor a few weeks ago and “borrowed” my son’s flat-panel, since he’s pretty much always on his laptop these days, until I could “get around to” picking out one for myself. Yesterday, he realized and informed me that he needed to use the Smart Music software on his desktop, which meant, yes, he needed his monitor back. Soon, because the music he needs to practice is for a concert next week. So I stopped at my computer-shopping store, looked at the options, picked one, brought it home, connected all the cables, installed the software, and I am looking at it as we speak. I haven’t actually assembled it correctly, since it’s tilted at an angle toward my desk, not me. But that’s for the hardware guy to deal with. AKA Husband.

4. I cleaned the house. You know, at the Visitors-are-coming-soon level, rather the usual We-can-live-like-this-a-while-longer level. And, really, all I want to do is tell everybody to stop using the house for, oh, a week or so, just so I can sit back and look at the cleanliness for a while.

5. I got to Yoga twice and got in a couple of pretty good walks. I cut down on some of the sugar intake. I had more energy and slept better. Son is prone to say that “Correlation does not imply causation,” but I’m pretty sure this is one of those times it does.

Okay, let’s hear from you. Pat yourself on the back, toot that horn, give yourself a blue ribbon. And share your accomplishments in the comments, so we can all celebrate!