A Day in the Life

This week, I have three projects to work on.

  • Project A has the highest-urgency level, with an absolute, drop-dead due date of Friday, for which I still need reviews & material from other people involved in the project. So, basically, I can’t really work on it today, but–you know me–I can worry about it!
  • Project B also has a Friday deadline, but it’s one that can be extended, and most of the work is a little bit of steady research and some simple rewriting. I’m easily halfway there. I’m working on Project B today, mostly because I can’t yet work on Project A.
  • Project C is, so far, just a potential. If it has a deadline, I don’t know it, and–truthfully–I don’t know yet whether I will or can do this one. It’s still in the Let’s Talk and Explore stage. So, yeah, I can do a little thinking and a little work, but there’s no commitment and, thus, no real urgency. It is, however, possibly exciting and possibly intimidating. Which means, yes, I can fret about it even while I don’t work on it.

There have been many times in the past when I had one job and, frankly, no real lifeoutside that job. Calm. Steady. And, oh, yeah…boring.

I’m not bored today.

What’s up with your week?

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