Monday Map: Getting Back on Track

The last few weeks have been a reminder lesson that we can only split ourselves onto so many paths. My husband’s recovery from the bike crash has been great, and he started driving himself around last week, which was MORE than great. Still, of course, work hours were reduced for me the first couple of weeks after he hit the ground, and last week I set up to spend many more hours at home, pulling together the delivery draft of my NF kids book.

Which I did. Yay! It was a ton of fun, and I had a lovely week of writing and revising and trimming and more revising, with little tidbits of last-minute research thrown in. And then I sent that draft out the email door on Thursday.

I know this week is going to be a catch-up week, but I also don’t want to let the whole time go by without getting back to my fiction. It’s too easy, you know, after a crunch, to slip into take-it-easy-and-relax mode. Yes, for a bit, that’s necessary, but I’ve found I can let it go on too long, and then I find myself frustrated and, yes, intimidated about getting back to the story. So I’m mapping this week.

I have one simple goal, to do something in the Maass workbook every day, Monday through Friday. I’ve got it on the calendar. I may or may not make that every-day accomplishment, but you can bet that, by scheduling it, I’ll get more done than I would have otherwise.

There you have it. Stepping back into things gently. How about you? Writing goals to share for the week?

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  1. Great blog Annette! Thank you for sharing.


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