Friday Five: Questions to my MC

This week, I was able to start digging back into my YA WIP.  For Friday, here are a few things my MC and I are wrestling with. At least I hope she is. Because I sure am.

1. What will make you get back in that car? Love for a guy? Really? SO not happy with that answer.

2. Will you ever get your mother to talk with you about her past? Yeah? Okay, how?

3. Can you please stop feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut?

4. Are you honestly telling me that you go for help because you, as a teenager, think you need an adult to save you. Excuse me, but that is NOT going to fly with our readers.

5. What DO you want from your grandmother? Yes, I know she’ll give it to you. Yes, I know she’ll give you anything. But you need to narrow down the target just a little bit. Please.


  1. Good question. Hope she gives you answers!


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