Taking an Editing Break

If you’ve been reading my posts for a few months, you may be feeling like I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking (and blogging) about life and transitions and business and…yeah, all that. And you’d probably be right!

So I’m going to keep this short. If you look around my site this week, you’ll see a change. It’s over at my Editing page. The gist of the change is that I’m taking a little time off.

Oh. Sorry. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Time off?

Well, just from editing. I’m stepping off into another venture, another aspect of using the words that seem to be my primary tool in life. I’ve taken on a grant-researching and writing project for a local nonprofit. It started out as a few hours a week, but you know how that goes. And when I took a look at what’s coming for them, and me, in the next few months, I knew I couldn’t do it all. (Well, you know, not and stay sane.)

This is the path that I think, and hope, is going to lead me back into the working world, as my son makes his way through and (yikes!) out of high school in the next few years.  I’m learning a LOT of new stuff and really enjoying the people at the organization.

So, if you look at that Editing page, you’ll see my “On Hiatus” statement at the top. I’ve also collected and posted a few referrals, in case you stop by here looking for someone to edit your manuscript. The editors I’ve listed all have different backgrounds and different focuses, but they’re also all someone I would trust with my writing and–so–with the writing of anyone who comes here looking for assistance.

I’m not absolutely sure where this new path will lead me, or for how long, but I’ll keep the Editing page up-t0-date with information about me and about these referrals.

And, as always, I wish you the best with all your writing projects.


  1. claudine says:

    Best wishes on your new direction, Becky! Hope you’ll keep us informed. Because, you know, it’s all about us. (wink, wink)
    Truly, wishing you much success.


  2. Lani Longshore says:

    Good luck, and good writing!


  3. All the best. I’ll still be watching for status updates and your blog posts whenever they come into my inbox!


  4. Good luck with the new project, and path!


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