Saturday Six: Why I Love Weekends

In honor of this long weekend, here are just a few of the reasons weekends in general make me happy.

1. Late-ish Friday nights. Okay, not SUPER late, because I just don’t have all-nighters or wee-hours-of-the-morning left in me, but there is no schedule to get up the next day and no reason to rush the movie schedule or put down the night’s book.

2. Sleeping in. See Friday nights above.

3. Reading time. Yes, I do typically have other things I need to get done on Saturday and Sunday, but I also feel totally justified in laying on the couch for several hours with a book. This weekend, son finished Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story just in time to hand it off for me to enjoy.

4. Less driving. No school means no drop-off and pick-up. Which means no juggling other errands I have to do, to minimize the number of times I go down and drive back up our mountain.

5. Relaxation for everybody. At this moment, son is also/still sleeping in (or maybe just laying there reading the X-men comic he grabbed from the library bag last night). Husband is off on a long, leisurely bike ride. Cat is asleep somewhere, and Bird is chirping quietly and entertaining himself with his swing. And I’m at ease at my computer with happiness and quiet all around.

6. Recharge. Unless I’ve got a deadline, I try hard not to do any WORK on the weekends. This doesn’t mean critiquing, and if I’m on a roll, it won’t mean writing. But it does mean that the other stuff on my list gets put off, making for much less chopped-up days. The slower, more steady pace gets me rested and ready for Monday (or, in this case, Tuesday!) See Relaxation above.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing about the weekend? And hope you’re enjoying this one!


  1. Dave Swords says:

    Hi, Becky.

    My list is about the same, with exception of #4, since I’m not on a mountain. 🙂


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