Friday Five: Around the Blogosphere

For today’s Friday Five: a few writerly things other people are saying around the blogs:

  1. Janet Hardy on following through on the tension you’ve created.
  2. Jama Rattigan is celebrating the 4th anniversary of her delicious blog by welcoming everyone to her new site.
  3. Kurtis Scaletta talks about the five ways writers have to describe their story and gives tips on them all.
  4. Shrinking Violet Promotions on revising the BIG stuff.
  5. Jeannine Atkins shares a bit about her own, personal plot school.



  1. Becky, thanks for spreading word about plot school, so more of us can be banging our heads on our tables at the same time!

    And soon, following your steps, and those of Jama, and others, think I’ll add to the frustrated with live journal people and moving to word press. Am trying to figure it all out.


    • beckylevine says:

      Isn’t that why we keep a pillow handy while we plot?!

      I’ve been happy with WP, although I do miss the LiveJournal crowd. I’m sorry to see the problems they’re having!


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