Five Signs Summer is (Finally!) Here

1. No alarms were set this morning.

2. Doors and windows are being left open. Fans are being contemplated.

3. Son’s band met after school yesterday for the first time in weeks.

4. The pitter-patter of bare feet is being heard.

5. Responsibility for complete meal-prep has fallen off my shoulders, with a loud thunk. Summer motto: “Let them eat cereal!”

Happy Summer!


  1. Enjoy! Bet it’s nice and cool up on your mountaintop.


  2. Happy Summer! We’re going on week three already. August 18th is going to come way too soon 😦


    • beckylevine says:

      We’re only in week one. Laziness is the theme for the week, but it seems to be seeping a bit too much over to me, as well. Must. Resist. 🙂


  3. Yes! Here’s my list:
    1. I fed my children cereal last night.
    2. Pulled out pool furniture and screamed at sight of multiple spiders-ack!
    3. Squeezed body into bathing suit while trying not to curse at new cottage cheese like divots on thighs due to not moving for past three months (thank you very much shingles virus!)
    4. Slept in until 8:00.
    5. Cancelled making wonderful dinner in exchange for blogging and having simple pasta, bread and salad.
    Hurray summer!


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