For Jama Rattigan: It’s Michael Bond’s Birthday!

I love Jama Rattigan’s blog, and it’s not JUST because she posts pictures of food that makes me want to go out and gain twenty pounds in two days! It’s because she loves Paddington Bear as much as I do–if you go by the number of Paddington’s sharing her home, you’d have to guess even more.

Today, Jama is celebrating the birthday of Michael Bond, the man who created Paddington, with all his good intentions and not quite-as-good follow-through, with his love of marmalade, and the always necessary, if not quiet, baths that result from said marmalade-overdoses.

Jama and her Paddingtons sent me a special hug today, so I couldn’t not send one back.

To Jama & her bear family and to Michael Bond, with huge thanks,  from MY Paddington family & friends.


  1. jama says:

    Thanks so much, Becky! Your yellow-hat Paddington looks extra soft and cuddly. I see a Wild Thing, but who’s the other person? Looks like a literary doll.


    • beckylevine says:

      That’s Jane Addams! My sister bought her for a birthday present when we were researching in Chicago. She gets along VERY well with the other two.


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