Guess Which of the Seven Dwarves I am Today

You got it…

It’s so Monday.

I will imbibe some caffeine (so much for cutting it out completely!)

I will pick a project that requires more specific check-off tasks, less random creativity.

I will resist the call from the couch.

I will play loud music.

I will get something done.

What do you do when the sleepies hit? (Note: Exercise has been tried already!)


  1. nrhatch says:

    Me too! So exhausted.

    I’m pushing on, but I may curl up on the bed for a nap before the afternoon becomes evening.

    One reason I’m tired is your fault . . .

    I couldn’t put Island of the Aunts down last night until I reached the concluding paragraph and successful resolution.

    What a wonderful book. I’m going to share it with my nieces. Thanks, again.



  2. Dave Swords says:

    What do I do when the sleepies hit?

    Uh … sleep?


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