The End is (Possibly) in Sight

Report: The 1st draft of my historical YA  is moving along. Quickly.

Okay, not that quickly. Individual scenes are not zooming along, not flying from my fingers in a state of loveliness. Hardly. Let’s say I’m seriously channeling Anne Lamott these days.

It does feel like I could, if I wanted, count out the number of scenes I have left till the end. I’m not going to, because it’ll be more than I think, and then I’ll just get discouraged.

Maybe it’s because I spent a couple of weeks working on a synopsis. Maybe it’s because I took a couple more weeks off to revise my picture book. Maybe it’s because I have too many what-ifs and buts churning in my head about the first 3/4 of this draft, and I just want to get to them and start working it all out.

Whatever the cause, I’m letting myself hurry. I’m spending less time plotting a scene than I normally would, even in this exploratory draft I’m doing. I’m letting myself leave BIG holes between scenes and inside them. If I looked closely, I’m pretty sure that I’d see I’m writing melodrama, rather than drama.

I’m pretty sure this is okay. I’m getting it down. I’m heading toward the ending that’s been in my brain for a good part of  a year now, and I’m trying to stay open to putting that ending down in a completely different way than I’ve visualized. Or maybe in the exact way I’ve visualized. I don’t know. I just know it all has to be written, and I’m getting impatient with the thinking. Maybe Caro’s getting impatient. Maybe the Get Going! I’m hearing is from her, and she–as much as me–wants to start working out the mess puzzle that we’ve created so far.

I’m listening. All you pantsers out there, hear me and be proud, I’m joining your crowd. At least temporarily. And I’m being thankful that nobody has to read this yet.

Except my critique group.

I should probably send piles of chocolate along with these last chapters.

And keep writing.


  1. Traci VW says:

    You go Becky! I’m definitely a pantser. It’s more exciting that way, more like reading a book and looking forward to what might happen. Of course, now I’m in the last revision and I’ve had to write an outline and look at all those plotlines, fill in the holes, round out those characters, and I still have to make the ending work better. It’s all good. Have fun!


    • beckylevine says:

      Thanks, Tracy. I think it’s going to take some serious construction equipment to fill in these holes, but I’m pushing along anyway!


      • Traci VW says:

        LOL Yeah, it feels like I’m driving one of those huge dump trucks or back hoe thingies right now. I’m digging up scenes from one place and dumping them in another, eliminating non load-bearing walls with a wrecking ball (love those!), and sturdying up the overall structure with hammer and nails, then I’ll smooth it all out with a steam roller.


  2. nrhatch says:

    Love the graphic!

    Chocolate is an excellent motivational tool, but maybe it won’t be necessary.



    • beckylevine says:

      They’re pretty great, so they’ll probably read it anyway! 🙂

      We do love the RR around here. And the coyote!


  3. claudine says:

    Good for you, Becky! I’m a pantser. But an unfinished one. I can always use another reminder to just get it done. Thanks for this one! And good luck to you.


  4. Woo-hoo! Keep at it!


  5. It always seems to go fast when it’s someone else’ manuscript. So I think you are moving right along! I need to learn to plan more and I’m impressed that you are letting go of some planning. See how balanced we’re in danger of becoming!


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