Fast Friday Five: What I’m Doing Today Instead of Writing

Today starts one of those weekends that will be lots of fun and just a bit–okay, what’s NEXT on the calendar. My son’s graduating 8th grade and, on the other side of our hill, friends are getting married. My husband is best man, so he’ll be racing back and forth a bit over that hill between rehearsal and graduation and rehearsal dinner, and I’ll be playing chauffeur to my son as needed, with a little bit of hill-racing myself.

Do I have a morning free, in which I could write? Sure. Will I have the clear head and focus to figure out what’s happening in the next scene, step off our hill and back into 1913 Chicago? Uh…no. So, instead, here’s some of what I’ll be doing today.

1. Stopping at the grocery store to pick up snacks for son’s Saturday night sleepover after the graduation and after the wedding.

2. Getting on the treadmill with a good book. For as long as I need.

3. Cleaning my office, the mess in which is threatening to spill into the rest of the house and possibly….THE WORLD!!!!!

4. Picking son up early from school so he can change into those nicer graduation clothes, including quite the spiffy tie.

5. Standing in the quad back at his middle-school, watching  in amazed awe at the young man he has become in the past three years.

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. claudine says:

    Looking at number three, Becky, and I think I’ve spotted whose fault it is that my office is messy. Yours has spilled over into mine! But wait! Mine has been messy since about 20 years before you were born. Hmmmm….

    Fun post!
    Enjoy your day!


  2. Enjoy the rite of passage. Exciting times.


  3. love it all, really, but enjoy especially number 5. The whole family has much to be proud of, so savor!


  4. Sounds like you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Today is our first day of summer and I’m realizing just how limited my personal time is going to be. Why do I forget this every fall, winter and spring?


    • beckylevine says:

      You forget,because you’re one of those wonderful moms who has adventures & fun making their kids’ summers awesome! And you’ll love it, then be seriously ready for school to start. 🙂


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