Friday Five: A Few from My First Playlist

Okay, I admit it. For the past year or so, when I saw other bloggers talking about the playlists, I was jealous. And maybe even a little cranky–with that I-don’t-get-it, out-of-the-loop feeling. I’ve never been able to write to music with lyrics, so I usually ended up putting on some classical music that I don’t REALLY like, or borrowing a few songs from my husband’s Pat Metheny collection. My favorite writing songs have been those of The McGarrigle Sisters, because–yes, there are lyrics, but they really blend with the music, and–you know–a lot of them are in French.

None of these pieces have been working for my WIP. I tried a few different things, including some Klezmer music, but hadn’t really hit the nail on the head. So I played around on Pandora a bit, and I realized I was suddenly writing to music. To strong music, with a nice, hard rock or blues beat in the background, and a powerful woman’s voice singing along. Think Cyndy Lauper. Somehow, this stuff is either connecting with my MC or–and I think this is actually it–pushing me out of my everyday self, to get closer to the voice my MC wants.

So, for today, five songs from my Caro’s Playlist:

1. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee—Indigo Girls redo of Buffy Sainte-Marie song

2. You’re Aging Well—Dar Williams with a little Joan Baez thrown in

3. Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves—Eurythmics

4. Message to Myself—Melissa Etheridge

5. Walk Your Walk—Deborah Coleman

If I were techy enough, I’d figure out how to link you all to the songs to get your morning revved up, but you’ll have to google them! The list will keep growing, I know, and will get stronger and stronger along with my MC.

And I won’t feel jealous anymore! 🙂


  1. Jeanie W says:

    If it makes you feel any better, you’re far more techy than I am – at least, when it comes to music. I have never visited the Pandora website. I have never seen the iTunes site. I have never owned an iPod or any of its imitators. But I prefer to write in silence and am content to listen to the radio or old CDs when I want music. Nowadays that’s almost exclusively while I’m driving. Our local library has so many good books on CD that that’s what I listen to when I draw or paint.


    • beckylevine says:

      Well, good to know there’s ONE person I’m more techy than! 🙂 I have never been able to write to books on CD. I can’t even use them to go on a walk–my brain just doesn’t take in info well through my ears. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I CAN write to music!


  2. P. J. Hoover says:

    I’ve never done a playlist, but I have been thinking about it. Mine would be mostly older music 🙂


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