Friday Five: Back Online

A couple of weeks ago, we Californians had a BIG storm. Definitely not as big as some of you other states, but for us–a doozie. I drove home one day in a mix of lightning, big winds, AND hail. A friend got the top of a redwood tree in her dining room–via the roof. And I heard of another family whose nearby redwood tree took a bolt of lightning, which went through the ground into their house and fried every wire inside every wall.

So, honestly, being without internet or even with wonky in-and-out internet for a bit was not something I was complaining about.

Until it didn’t come back. Then, yes, you started hearing a little whining. Only a lot of you didn’t hear all of it, because…I couldn’t do it ONLINE! 🙂

Two days ago, something got fixed. It could have been my husband going up on the roof and squeezing a bunch of water out of the antenna housing (or something like that), it could have been our provider finally having time to check some place they hadn’t checked yet, but I’m baaack. And happy again. So today, you get the five things I plan to do with my Internet, now that it’s decided to hang around again.

1. Catch up on everybody’s blogs. I’m almost afraid to go and look at my Google reader and see the numbers. But there are books out there being talked about and writing processes being discussed, and I need to check in.

2. Update my website with a couple of new things. I want to put up some downloadable PDFs of articles that people might find handy, and it’s time to get my critique services onto the site again.

3. Get back to posting at my own blog. (I feel so productive, doing this item as we “speak.”)

4. Treat myself to a little Twitter/Facebook time.

5. Absent myself voluntarily from the Internet Saturday at 3:00, since I’ll be interacting LIVE with people at my launch party. Question: Can I sign books with my right hand whilst eating a cupcake with my left? 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody! Back to our regular programming here next week.


  1. While you’re online, sending a virtual hug from the launch party. Wishing I were there! And not just to eat cupcakes.


  2. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Happy partying! Mine’s the same day: synergy!


  3. Glad you’re back! I wondered why I wasn’t seeing anything from you 🙂


  4. The storms have been doozies! And we have more coming next week!


  5. Genny says:

    That is so great, Becky! I’m really happy for you. And I read your post about your new critique group member too. How awesome!

    p.s. Loved your comment about the dogs and tails wagging over at my blog. Thanks so much for popping by!


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