Lazy Time/Holiday Thanks

There is something about knowing that school is out for a few days, people will be visiting, and food will be cooked to just put me into an I-Don’t-Have-To-Do-Anything mood. Okay, yes, a bit of cleaning, yesterday’s massive grocery shopping, and some organization, but I have a low-tolerance for stress and a high-tolerance for break-time! So, a day early, here is what I’m feeling thankful for this year, over the next few weeks.

  • Having a husband who cooks and loves it. Turkey? He’s smoking it. Main course for big family gathering on Friday? He’s cooking the cabbage leaves and the stuffing, and I’ll just help roll everything together. It’ll be a big production, with lots of family/audience participation, and everyone will have a blast.
  • Having a son who makes times like this easy. Quiet Thanksgiving, Son. Great, Mom. Crowded, rowdy Day-After-Thanksgiving, Son. Great, Mom. How about you dump the brown-sugar on the yams and bake them, Son? Um, Mom… Would you rather do the turkey, Son? Yams–Great, Mom! 🙂
  • Having some of our family close enough that sometimes we don’t have to drive anywhere to share time and space with them, and that–when we do–it’s all in a day’s trip. Having family that is fine with whatever we cook, has no problem with paper plates, and will spread out to eat in our kitchen and/or living room wherever there’s room. Having family that believes in crashing on a futon or the camping cot or the floor for the night, and that makes it all work. And having family that, even when they’re farther away, take the time for a phone call when they see you’re awake and updating your Facebook status!
  • Libraries. Yes, I’m obviously thankful for that all year, but days like these–even more so. Knowing I have that extra reading time-because that’s one way in which I, my husband, and our son fill down time–just makes me more grateful than ever than I live in a place where I can walk in, browse shelves, and take away a stack of books for free.
  • Seeing the economy staaaarrrrt to perhaps turn around. No, I don’t believe in “The Recession is Over” line, but I do see more cars on the freeway, hear of less people out of work, and have hopes that the path is curving upward just a bit, instead of continuing that steep, downhill slide.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and may you eat loads of your favorite foods, while wearing pants comfortable enough to take it all!


  1. beth says:

    Mmmm….smoked turkey! Have a happy thankful thanksgiving!!


  2. I’m glad you’re having the kind of holiday that makes you happiest.


  3. jama says:

    *pulls up elastic waist pants*

    What a wonderful list! This is what family and food are all about. Have a delicious and fun holiday, Becky!


  4. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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