Halloween: Friday Five

My Friday Five for the holiday:

1. Son is dressing up as Dr. Horrible. Friend is dressing up as Captain Hammer. There will be no freeze gun or boxing gloves, but lots of singing, I’m sure.

2. I will be going with the usual question…Mom. I’ve added a few more wrinkles to the costume, I think, but–you know–in the dark, probably no one will notice!

3. I’ve been on a committed trying-to-lose-weight program and today saw the 10-pounds-offΒ number on the scale. This should, hopefully, be motivation for not eating ALL the Butterfingers that come home.

4. There are only two things I miss since our move to the mountains. Pizza delivery and trick-or-treaters. I’ve never been big on the costumes and parties, but I did used to love handing out candy to the little guys. And, of course, buying a few too many bags & having to deal with leftovers.

5. Usually, our October is warm, warm, warm, with all of us thinking our kids will roast in their costumes. Then, a day before Halloween, the temps drop and we’re trying to convince those kids that a coat over said costume will NOT look stupid. This year, it’s been cold for weeks, and son is happy his costume includes sweat pants, a jacket, and boots that are so big he’s wearing fleece slippers inside. And the welding gloves, of course.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


14 thoughts on “Halloween: Friday Five

    • beckylevine says:

      Oh, I was a hobo for SO many years as a kid. I don’t know why we always had flannel shirts & bandannas aroun the house, but we did. Hope your hobo & bat fairy share their candy with you. πŸ™‚


  1. This was my son’s first Halloween. Not only were there no other kids out (my neighbors got a total of five), but most of the houses were dark.


    Then again, that only means there’s less candy for the little guy (and me) to get sick on.

    I hope you had a great evening — wrinkles and all πŸ˜‰


    • beckylevine says:

      Oh, well. Maybe there’s a street somewhere in your neighborhood where the kids go–definitely true around here. Maybe for next year? πŸ™‚


  2. We had 44 trick-or-treaters, according to my DH who counted the candy left over. Not bad, but we still have too many left – bad when you’re diabetic. Congrats on losing 10 pounds. That’s what I’m aiming to do, before things get out of hand.


    • beckylevine says:

      44 isn’t bad. But, yes, too much candy. The 10 pounds hasn’t been fast, but it’s been steady, so I’m feeling better about this than any other “diets” I’ve done in the past. I think, honestly, it’s a matter of finding the right # of calories for me, plus a little extra thyroid. πŸ™‚


    • beckylevine says:

      Joylene, Thanks for stopping by. Did you mean for this to be a comment on the interview post, so you’d be entered into the contest? πŸ™‚


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