Somebody Else Says: Just Another Day in the Life…

Quick link to Shawna’s post, to which may I just say, “Yeah!!” Everybody should read this.


6 thoughts on “Somebody Else Says: Just Another Day in the Life…

  1. beckylevine says:

    It’s rained all night here–we SO need it. YES–Vroman’s Bookstore. ALL I can say is O…M…G! In fact, if you’re lucky–Lisa Yee may be having her book launch there this weekend-check her blog, it’s sometime soon. But the store is amazing and the woman who helped me in the kids’ department, to find books for my son, must have had ESP on book choices!

    If you’re into houses, there’s a Greene & Greene house that you can tour that’s incredible. The Gamble House? Maybe? Google!

    There’s also a mystery bookstore, too.

    You’re pretty close to the LA zoo, also!

    I love Pasadena. When I was living down there, if I hadn’t decided to head north to the bay area, that was probably going to be my next move. Too smoggy back then, but still. Have a great time!


  2. I’m from the Eastern Canada and long for those cold winters nights to curl up by a roaring fire and read a good book. Don’t have many freezing nights in California but I do close my shutters, turn on the gas fireplace and pretend that it’s not 70 degrees outside. Just read The Patron Saint of Butterflies in two sittings. Couldn’t put it down. Fantastic book.


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