Revisiting the Blog…Again

I feel like I do this every year, either in December or January–come around and take another look at what I’m doing with my blog. I just spent an hour or so updating my website (about time!), and–boy–looking around, it was clear that I’m not blogging the way I want to. I’ve heard other people talking about this, from Kelly Fineman to Jen Robinson, both of who’s blogs I read and enjoy. So, once again, I’m trying for a reboot. I’ve got a few questions for you at the end of the post, so read through to the end. Or skip to the end, if you want.

I want to:

  • Blog regularly. At a minimum, once a week.
  • I’m going to blog shorter. Oh, sure, yes, you’ll get a thoughtful, perceptive, in-depth, long-winded post every now and then, but I’m going with the premise that shorter can be better and is definitely faster.
  • I want to do more reviews. If you look at my Reviews page, you’ll see that this isn’t a request for books. But when I fall in love with a book, I’m going to share that love.
  • I’m going to rebuild my blogroll and try to comment more. I have a great reader on my phone (WordPress), so I’ve got no excuse for saying “hi” when I stop by.
  • I’ll share more links to good posts at other blogs. It’s about a community, right? Right.

So those are my goals. And now a few questions for you.

  • Approximately how many blogs do you check in at each week (blogs, not posts)?
  • Do you prefer shorter or longer blog posts?
  • Got any favorite blogs? Please share away!

And in the spirit of my actually making the above list of goals happen, here’s a little Louis for your day…