Synopsis: What I’ve Learned So Far

I spent the weekend working on the first draft of my synopsis for my online class. I’m very happy with the class and the teacher, so, for those of you who were wondering, it’s Teresa¬† Bodwell’s “Developing the Selling Query Letter and Synopsis,” offered through Savvy Authors. Carolyn Donnell, a fellow member of the South […]

Cue Theme from JAWS–The Synopsis is Coming

I’ve made one of those decisions. You know, the kind that come with a load of goal-setting and self-commitment? The ones you start out sure you’re going to follow through on and then, too often, they go missing somewhere along the way? Well, I’m going to try and stick with this one. I’m going to […]

Somebody Else Says: Jessica Faust on the Synopsis

Quick post to point you to some good synopsis info. I’ll be back tomorrow with a report on the critique workshop I gave last weekend. To read Jessica’s post: