Out of Setting Comes Action

Tuesday night at the South Bay CWC, I heard Tanya Egan Gibson give a great talk about world building. Now, Tanya doesn’t write fantasy or science fiction. She doesn’t write historical. She writes, in her own words–satire. Not a genre you necessarily think of as needing a whole lot of world building. But Tanya does. […]

Getting Past a Setting Stall

A few posts back, I said that, this year, I was going to try & spend my first hour’s work on my fiction. So far (I know–a whole week!), that’s been going well. Probably because I’ve let myself have some freedom on what “work” means during that hour. Specifically research settings. My middle-grade mystery is […]

Concrete, Solid Specifics

A biggie for me, when I edit or critique, is pushing encouraging writers to really get specific and concrete in their writing. You hear a lot about using strong verbs, but I think we also need strong nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, you name it. You hear a lot about using details, and I think […]