Friday Five: 5 Quick Things to Remember When You’re Writing a Scene

I’ve been thinking about scenes lately, one of my favorite elements of writing, and thought I’d share. 1. Your hero has to be active. She has to want something and go after it. 2. Your antagonist has to be active. Just like the hero. Even if it’s from behind the scenes. 3. Both goals have […]

2011…A Year I Didn’t Schedule

2011. I’m old enough now to be an age I didn’t think too much about when I was young. Oh, yes, I pictured things in my future (what worrier doesn’t?). I thought about being a grown-up writer; I thought about falling in love and getting married; I thought about being a mother; I thought about […]

The Honest Scrap Award: Passing Along the Thanks

Last weekend, Kim Koning sent me a note that I might want to check out her blog post. What a wonderful surprise to find out that I was on her list for the Honest Scrap blog award. Here’s the description of the award: The Honest Scrap Award: This award is about bloggers who post from […]

Around the Blogosphere

It’s pretty much the same-old, same-old around here–writing, writing, keeping house, writing, losing to son at Trivial Pursuit, writing… Anyway, I haven’t done a check-in for you lately with what other bloggers are talking about, so here are a few of the posts that hit me this week. Laura Purdie Salas‘ blog posts are some […]