Finding Balance (In Picture Books)

Finding Balance (In Picture Books)

Rhyming in a picture book is one thing–and, so far anyway, it’s definitely one thing I can’t do. (If you want to read a few books by authors who can, I suggest pretty much anything by Sue Fliess; Interstellar Cinderella, written by Deborah Underwood; and Cheerful Chick, written by Martha Brokenbrough,) There’s also rhythm which, I think, is made […]

Revision: Getting Re-Excited

You know when you stare and stare at the monitor and your fingers just sit there on the keyboard doing nothing? Because the picture book in front of you may be technically fine, even good, but it’s not there yet and all the staring doesn’t seem to be giving you a clue about what would […]

The Joy and Torture of Art Notes/No Art Notes

I love art notes. I hate art notes. Okay, I really only hate them a little bit. Mostly, I do love them. And, at this stage on my PB path, I’m using them. A lot. As I’ve mentioned before…I. Can’t. Draw. But, you know, I can see! One of my favorite things about writing picture […]

From Concept to Specific: Hunting the Perfect Detail

No, it’s not quite like hunting snipe. But it matters a lot more. Yes, I’m working on a picture-book revision this week, so the detail problem is more in my face than when I’m writing early draft thoughts about the YA WIP. But still…it’s relevant for all writing, I think. Yesterday, on Facebook, Hélène Boudreau […]

Form: Learning It

Years ago, I read a writing book by Lawrence Block. I’m pretty sure it was Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print. The advice I remember most from this book was that the best way to learn plot was to go out and plot a book. One you liked. By a good writer. At the […]