A Little Bit More on Diversity

Last week, diversity in books was the hot topic. At least in my world. The thread has faded a bit from the internet, but it hasn’t gone away. A few posts to share, and then a starting list from me. From the Cybils, my source for so many of the books I love: Diverse Book […]

Celebrate with Jen Robinson

Today, at her book page, Jen Robinson talks about the fact that she’s now been blogging for eight years. Hard to believe, but then I also can’t believe that her little girl, “Baby Bookworm,” is so clearly not a baby anymore or that my son, for whom I have used Jen’s page as a great […]

Revisiting the Blog…Again

I feel like I do this every year, either in December or January–come around and take another look at what I’m doing with my blog. I just spent an hour or so updating my website (about time!), and–boy–looking around, it was clear that I’m not blogging the way I want to. I’ve heard other people […]

Reading with Baby Bookworm: An Interview with Jen Robinson

Years ago, when I first started reading blogs, one of the first I discovered (and, yes, I probably did yell “Eureka!”) was Jen Robinson’s Book Page. I have used Jen’s reviews for years now, to suggest books to my son and to add to my own reading list. Jen  is so much about the things […]

Saturday Six: Links to Share

Lately, I feel like I’m checking in a blogs a lot, but not necessarily posting comments. I know there’s a lot of discussion around about whether blogs are on the way out, and I never know if my pattern is part of a trend or just a piece of my general business? Either way, I […]


I just finished reading The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, by Jeanne Birdsall. I love all the Penderwick books–they take me back to reading Edward Eager’s books and Mary Nash’s Mrs. Coverlet books when I was young. They also make me think of Elizabeth Enright’s books, which I didn’t find until I was in my forties […]

Friday Five: Taking a Look around the Blogiverse

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of navel-staring the last few weeks, like I’ve been a little too wrapped up in ME.  But I do love touching base with a Friday Five. So this Friday, I’m going to point you to a few other people…enjoy! 1. Start at Susan Taylor Brown’s blog. All this month, she’s […]