Triangles-More Angles and Sharp Edges

Geometry? I don’t think so. Triangles, in math, hold no appeal for me. Triangles in fiction, though, are a whole different subject. The picture book I’m working on has three characters. Okay, well, four, but one’s a surprise, and I’m not talking about that one yet. But the family–three members. I knew what the son–the […]

Dialogue: My Least Favorite/Most Favorite Writing Tool

What’s the toughest thing for me to write? Dialogue. What’s the writing element I probably revise the most? Dialogue. What’s my favorite, favorite thing to read in a book? Good dialogue. (Hint: I’ve been reading & rereading some of S.J. Rozan’s Lydia Chin books. You want great, snappy, fast, real, funny┬ácharacter-specific dialogue? Go pick up […]