Thankful Thursday: Another One for the Critique Group

I’ve been writing an icky scene. No, not one with blood and guts (wait, maybe that’s what it needs!). One where the writing was just dragging along, not flowing, where I was staring at it and knowing that–even for a first draft–it was not making me happy.  In other words, the staring wasn’t helping. And […]

Deadlines, Revisited

Way back here, almost a year ago, when I was just getting started with The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide, I posted about how I seriously dislike deadlines. Boy, that feels a long time ago. Since, then I’ve met several deadlines, and all of them have felt pretty good. Probably because, as I wrote […]

Deadlines–Big & Small

I met a deadline yesterday. I sent a chunk of chapters, the first big set from The Critiquer’s Survival Guide, off to my own critique group. (Yes, I really do practice what I preach!) I had checked with them ahead of time and found out they were okay with reading these pages over the T’giving […]