Revision: More from Mary Kole…and Me

I will get some time into my picture book this week. Mary Kole posted an archive blog this week on Facebook about trying things out, and that’s going to be my mantra for this revision.

  • Is this what that character wants? I don’t know…try it out!
  • Will this new ending work? I don’t know…try it out!
  • Can I simplify and specify to a stronger character want? I don’t know…try it out!

You get the point. There are two things going on here for me. One: I do believe anything can work. Tense changes, pov switches, you name it. If it’s done right. (And, no, I am NOT implying that’s easy!) Two: As much as we talk things out, play with ideas across the table or on scratch pads, the only way to really know if it makes your story better, is to actually write it. Put it down, in scene, with characters and action and dialogue.

My critique partners may get a bit of a mess next time. Or they might get a story that has moved that much further along the path to “done.” Heck, they might get something that covers both of those descriptions!

But they’re going to get something.

How goes your current writing or revision?


  1. Kelley Lynn says:

    Yes! I so agree! We must try it to see if it really works.

    My revisions are going super well. Getting amazing feedback from my CPs.

    Don’t you just love em’ πŸ™‚


  2. elizabethannewrites says:

    This is so good, Becky! My current ms has been covered by a pile of holiday letters and website work and the care and feeding of a brand new Facebook Group — but I MUST do work on my manuscript’s needed revisions, and soon.

    Love the injunction to “try it out” — will do.


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