Friday Five: Adventures I’ve Had This Week.

Anything can be an adventure, right, as long as your attitude says so? So, in that spirit, here are 5 of my adventures this week.

1. Joining the Writers on the Move Facebook page. I’d seen Christina Katz’ posts, and it looked like a good way to share my quick thoughts about yoga in a very supportive place. I was right.

2. Taking my first Restorative Yoga class. O….M…G…relaxing for an-hour-and-a-half straight and calling this exercise? And feeling awesome when you leave? Two thumbs up, people.

3. Importing a file into Scrivener. It worked! And it got me refocused on finding the conflict in a scene, by making me look at what I’d written in the last draft and trying to target it to the place my character is now, in this draft. Good stuff.

4. Getting together with my “boss” at my new volunteer job, the one that will hopefully lead me back into the workplace. The paying workplace. Actually, I’m going from here TO that adventure, but thinking it will be a good meeting. “Meeting.” Just the fact that I’m using that word makes it all feel one step closer.

5. Buying a humongous pile of vegetables at the grocery store, chopping them all up, cooking them, and–yeah, eating them. I am pretty darned tired of salads, and it’s all about trying to eat healthier, even though vegetables are not my favorite thing. But I have to say, the ones I picked were not half-bad, and I do think the leftovers will actually get eaten, not just sit there in the back of the fridge and get green…er.

What adventures have you taken on this week? And how did those go for you?


  1. Adventures this week?

    Eliminating (or nearly so) flour from my diet.
    Playing around in Shutterfly.
    Painting walls.
    Playing Skip Bo with my Mom who is bouncing back from big physical decline.


    • beckylevine says:

      Joyce, why the going nearly flourless? We’re doing that here, too, for a couple of reasons, but I’m curious. Hope your mom’s doing a lot better!


  2. Flourless – partly because of Susan Taylor Brown and her successes. But also because I’ve known/heard for awhile now that white flour isn’t great for us. I’m looking for more energy, weight loss, a clear mind, and focus! And I’m a glutton for home remedies and miracle cures! ; ) Even though I know it’s never simple.

    Am also tanking up on fish oil in hopes it will help with focus as well as cholesterol reduction.

    And you?

    Thanks for your sentiments regarding Mom. She may never regain some of what she lost because she is nearly ninety. But she sure is determined and discovering more of her old self everyday. She’s really working hard.


    • beckylevine says:

      I’m trying the flourless for all those reasons, too. But actually the big change for me is less sugar–WAY less sugar. Husband and a doctor friend are reading about big connections between carbs and cholesterol–and weight control. They’ve both lost about 15-20 pounds; me, not so much luck, but still struggling. And my friends’ cholesterol levels have gone down just by cutting out the carbs. (Husband hasn’t had his checked!) I had big luck with fish oil–but I really recommend getting the ones from Trader Joe’s, if you have one near you. I tried off-the-shelf and it made my stomach upset, TJ’s actually help my IBS. I take about four, which my doctor is impressed at, but it also took nearly a year for that to bring down the cholesterol #s, so be patient!

      If your mom is determined, that’s huge. I really believe that’s at least half the battle–just to WANT to work at it. I’m so glad. And I bet it helps a lot to have your support.


      • Sadly there is no TJ in my town. But I can keep it in mind for when I am near one! And I imagine I can order online. A friend recommended Asserta (spelling). It’s available in town. Apparently it does wonders for her son with ADHD.

        I am trying the low carb concept but I do tend to cheat on these things. For example I can’t conceive of cutting carrots and fruits out of my life. I am fortunate that I do love veggies and salads and I like that the low carb diet allows for Blue Cheese Dressing! But yes, I hear you on the carb/cholesterol connection. That’s where my mind is right now.


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