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It’s pretty much the same-old, same-old around here–writing, writing, keeping house, writing, losing to son at Trivial Pursuit, writing… Anyway, I haven’t done a check-in for you lately with what other bloggers are talking about, so here are a few of the posts that hit me this week.

Laura Purdie Salas‘ blog posts are some of the most honest I read, especially about the writing process, the career of writing, and how that all can feel at any given time. Here she is talking about one of the hardest decisions a writer can make…and why.

Using Walmart to decide what’s a good book to read? Eeep! Nice discussion-starter post by Jim McCarthy.

Christie Craig, guest-posting at the Bookends Literary blog, debunks a few myths about writing and publishing. She’s picked a few myths I’m not crazy about & does a good job at that debunking, I think.

As I write my first draft, my mind jumps back & forth a bit thinking about where this story truly needs to start. I love Jordan Rosenfeld’s thoughts on what that opening needs to be doing.

Times are a-changing. Everybody (okay, not everybody, but you know…) is talking about this FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE for kidlit writers. Yes, free. Run over and take a look.

And, finally, this video has been going around for a while, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a can’t-miss. At least for me, who did my Masters orals on the Brontë sisters and my thesis on Wuthering Heights. Thanks to Suzie Townsend for posting it at her blog.


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